Eulevoto Tournament

The results after a wonderfull tournament:

Poule APoule B+Poule B-Poule C
Bring It OnDJOBIKrakersyBallerinas
FTRElbpearlsHapp Ich07Elfen
BabajagasZilver of BronsNimm DuElbfeen
Stehts BemühtBugsBGS SambaNo Woman No Fun
DJOBARainbow EmpireFunatics 2.0
Playmaids IcketownQueen for TonightApocalyps Riders
Wilde MischungLady GroovesRainbow Dreams
Vienna Queer Melange

The following 26 teams participated in the tournament:

Poule APoule B+Poule B-Poule C
A1. FTRD1. Playmaids IcketownB1. BGS SambaC1. Funatics 2.0
A2. Bring It OnD2. BugsB2. KrakersyC2. 07Elfen
A3. BabajagasD3. ElbpearlsB3. Happ IchC3. Ballerinas
A4. Stehts BemühtD4. Zilver of BronsB4. Queen for TonightC4. Apocalyps Riders
D5. Vienna's Queer MelangeB5. Rainbow EmpireC5. Elbfeen
D6. DJOBAB6. Nimm DuC6. Rainbow Dream
D7. Wilde MischungB7. Lady GroovesC7. No Woman, No Fun

Download the PLAY SCHEDULE for an overview of both days.


The teams are from 7 countries:

10 From Germany: Stets Bemüht, Nimm Du, Playmaids Icketown, Elbfeen, Babajagas, Ballerinas, Elbpearls, Wilde Mischung, Happ Ich, 07Elfen

3 From Poland: Krakersky, No Woman No Fun, FTR Wroclaw.

5 From France: Rainbow Dream, Rainbow Empire, DJOBA, DJOBI, Apocalypse Riders.

1 From Austria: Vienna’s Queer Melange.

2 From Belgium: Lady Grooves, BGS Samba

4 From Holland: Zilver of Brons, Queen 4 Tonight, Bugs, Funatics 2.0.

1 From Latvia: Bring it on.

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